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Data-driven testing with SoapUI Free Edition

Having spent more than 3 years in a “Web Service”-heavy development team, I can safely say that SmartBear’s SoapUI is a great tool; so great in fact that I have found myself becoming some sort of SoapUI-evangelist, much to the despair of some of my colleagues.

Whereas the focus of the Pro Edition of SoapUI is geared towards data-driven testing, the truth is that its price tag can be a hard pill to swallow, especially for smaller companies. The fact however remains that you can do a lot of the data-driven stuff on the free edition, as long as you have a very basic understanding of Groovy and maybe a bit of imagination.

Prior to the day that my Development Manager had enough of me preaching about SoapUI and bought us a few licences for the Pro edition, I managed to put together a couple of scripts that would allow me to simulate data-driven testing based on the capabilities of the free edition. Having struggled myself to find complete and relevant examples online, I thought it might be useful to share some of those scripts through an example case scenario.

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