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Some Practical Advice on Agile Project Contingency

In a perfect world…

…the life of a Scrum Master is bliss. We don’t pretend we know everything in advance, we don’t pretend we are in the head of the Product Owner and we are always honest about the real state of the product/development lifecycle through open demos, retrospectives and openly-publicized metrics.

We constantly dedicate our time to improving performance and delivery of value through best practices, continuous improvement, and collaboration with all the relevant stakeholders.

Until one magical day, after a lot of iterations, we reach¬†Agile Nirvana and can predict accurately the amount of work we can deliver in the… next sprint! (That’d be 2 to 4 weeks – hardly something to write home about….)

But organisations don’t operate in sprints – they operate in quarters or years and more often than not, senior management is interested in knowing what you can deliver in the next X number of months.


That’s the point when all Scrum Masters start pulling their hair out, screaming that “this is not how Agile works” and curse about the travesty that is “agile waterfall-isation”. We keep kicking and screaming up until the point we realise that the managerial demand won’t go away and we start Googling advice from Agile Gurus on how to perform Project Planning on an Agile Environment.

Now, the purpose of this post is not to explain how to estimate and plan an Agile Project Рthere are a lot of people out there who can explain this a lot better than me and have done so already. The purpose of this post is to showcase my personal, straight-to-the-point advice on Agile Project Contingency and its role/importance in said environment.

So let’s get some facts straight…

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