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Visualizing Strategic Objectives across Multiple Clients

For the past year or so, I have found myself in a situation that many Product Managers could probably associate to; our team’s main responsibility has been to look after a Web CMS platform – a platform that is being used by a number of different clients under the same roof (the company I work for in this case).

Even though the overall Technology Strategy is set at a company-wide level, the fact that most of our clients come from various market sectors means that all of them have their own unique requirements and roadmaps that need to be handled by a single team looking after a single product. On top of this, this platform ¬†should remain as “global” and re-usable as possible, i.e. we cannot start introducing client-specific features without evaluating its impact to other clients.

As with most development teams around the globe, we also face the challenge of delivering maximum value at a minimal cost – in our case this means that we need to identify the features that are common across the majority of the clients and deliver top value. By addressing those items as a matter of priority, we manage to “kill two birds (or ten) with one stone”.

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