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What do the Professional Networking Sites Teach Us?

In Greece, we have a saying…

…roughly translating as “The dog that barks a lot does not bite“; the implication being that the louder you are, the less likely you are to deliver on that promise, whatever that might be. Having jumped on the bandwagon of social networking sites  that are either strictly professional (e.g. LinkedIn, Yammer etc) or can be used in a professional capacity (e.g. Twitter), I can’t but replay the aforementioned Greek Proverb in my head.

And more specifically, I’m referring to the notorious “Share Post/Link” feature, available on any self-respecting social network. You see, on those sites people share a lot of content – sometimes their own, sometime’s somebody else’s. But surely, I can’t be the only one who thinks the following:

What have we learnt from the professional networking sites?

Credits: The XKDC-inspired graph was realised with the help of the D3 work performed by Dan Foreman-Mackey.
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